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We believe the entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to make the change,

by experimenting and taking data-driven decisions by applying various models to support their business growth

Our mission

We give potential product and eCommerce brands the tool to apply various cutting age machine learning models to boost their business. Our expertise comes from daily work with successful innovators and founders.

Why we do it

We provide a wide range of product Expertise, Data Engineering, Visualization and Data Science

We love data

There are various types of data and taking advantage of all oh them is always a challenge.

Constantly learning

Machine learning, Data Engineerign, AI and Data Science are domains which are constantly evolving and their latest implication trill us.

Work with awesome people

We meet and work with smart and likeminded people eager to apply latest advancements and change world. 

Support great products

We have expertise in product development and love to support future products to become great and reach more people. 

How We Work



We are a diverse team with experts from different areas able to solve various customers’ problems with expertise in consulting and data-related queries.



We believe that the latest advancements happening in research area are applied into open-source licences and solutions. We are happy to apply them and support such communities.



In our neuro system we as researchers love to solve complex tasks and deliver great results, so every request we consider as a separate task and always finding the best world-class solutions relying on the latest technologies and community knowledge.

Let’s talk about your project, site or product?